Anticipation and Leaks

Tuesday, 26 August 2008, 1:25 | Category : Pregnancy
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We have three weeks to go, the universe forbid four, until the baby arrives. Up to this point everything has been smooth. We had our nursery set up and we are meeting with the pediatrician this week. We completed our major house projects this summer. So wouldn’t you know it, a major disaster happens. A leak has sprung somewhere in the netherworld of concrete slab and copper pipes. It happened underneath the guest bath and the baby’s bathroom. The leak manifested itself last week before the storm luckily, so we know it wasn’t because of that. What the crap! This is an interruption in the flow and chi of all things going well before the baby gets here. Even with getting a contractor and a plumber working on it right away the baby will get here before this project is done. We have to reno both bathrooms which means the grandmothers can’t stay and help take care of the baby. Dang it. Not to mention the cost of the demolition, the fix, the new cabinets, etc. Ugh. We still have a million diapers to buy. Ugh.



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