TS Fay has finally passed

Sunday, 24 August 2008, 17:37 | Category : Pregnancy
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Tropical Storm Fay has been all the rage this past week. After much rain, some wind and an extra day off work we finally see sunlight after five days of overcast skies. I thought we were in jolly old England for couple of those days but then the humidity is a reminder of our state of choice. I will need to go around the yard and pick up limbs and blow leaves off the driveway. I am truly thankful that we lost no trees in this storm. I spent the entire morning getting the pool back together because the days that it can be swum in are rapidly fading. I will miss the pool but know that fall is coming, cooler air and nicer weather is right around the corner.

I am looking forward to those first moments with my son, Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas. I know he will be so young but the mere fact he is in our lives will make those occasions young again. I cannot pray enough for a healthy, happy baby.

My wife is feeling the aches and pains of pregnancy every day. I hate seeing her in this much discomfort. I want to apply the classic guy thing and say, “you have a problem, tell me so I can fix it”. In this instance I know I have to rely on our doctor and God to get us through the coming final weeks. I hope that modern medicine can relieve most of the pain and discomfort she will go through in the coming weeks.



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