I Want My Body Back

Monday, 1 September 2008, 0:59 | Category : Pregnancy
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Not that my body was the best before I got pregnant, but at least it was mine! It wasn’t taken over by this alien being in my belly. My nipples were a completely different color. I still owned my ankles and my wedding rings fit me. I sure hope that after the baby is born things go back to normal.

To make myself feel better I went to get my hair cut as well as a pedicure. My hair looks great, but the hard part is keeping it looking so good. I never seem to have the hour to blow dry and straight iron my hair. I think it always surprises the hairdresser how long it actually takes to blow dry my hair.

Kevin wants to get a pregnancy picture done of us with my belly. I am not sure how I feel about that. I feel like I look my worst but it might be nice to preserve the moment especially since I am feeling like I do not ever want to do this again. Various women have told me that you forget the pain but there must be a hormone or a drug they give you in the hospital that makes you forget everything. One friend who just had a baby had a caesarean. She loved it! Didn’t feel a thing.


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