The Delivery!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008, 17:21 | Category : Pregnancy
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He was difficult to get out. The delivery did not go as I had wanted or hoped. I know that just about every new mother says that but most want the natural experience only to have found out that they needed drugs or a ceasarian. I would have been happy with either. I cannot imagine why a woman would want to go through what I went through willingly. After getting to five centimeters on my own, I was ready for the drugs. I did have an epidural that got me through some of the contractions. For that I’m grateful. I knew going into it that I would get the epidural so I was more than ready. I knew what to expect from the procedure but what I didn’t know is that it was the easiest part of the day. They did the procedure during a contraction and I didn’t feel a thing!

After about 20 hours of labor, being at nine and half centimeters for some time, and having a fever of 106, the doctor decided to take me off the epidural to speed up the delivery. I have never experienced such intense and excruciating pain in my whole life! My back felt as if it were being torn from my spine. Actually, I think that would have felt better because then it would have been all over. The pain kept coming over and over again. When the nurse said, “You knew it would be painful,” after I was screaming “I can’t do this,” I wanted to head-slam the bitch. I don’t think she had kids. After about an hour or so of my screaming bloody murder, the doctor tells me to quiet down a little. I think I was scaring the other mothers on the ward. That made me want to rip the doctor’s skull off, so I screamed louder. I think she thought she needed reinforcements, so she called in a midwife. I’m not big into the midwife scene, but I have to tell you, she knew what to say and do, because everything began to progress after she came in. I got the encouragement I needed and she knew how to rip my vaginal open to let Aden’s big head come through. In the end, getting Aden out as quickly as possible was the right thing to do. Dammit.

After it was all over the nurses told me I was the only vaginal delivery in the hospital in two days. How was I so f*%*#%g lucky?


Aden and Michele at hospital

Aden and Michele at hospital

So no matter how many times you read the line in all the parent books, “child-birth is an amazing experience difficult to fully grasp” it still does not put the magnitude of the experience into perspective. I have had two highly emotional moments in my life, one was the loss of my father and now the birth of my son. Although both experiences are on different emotional levels, one sad and the other happily intense. I do not mean to bring a heavy levity to the delivery but it was numbing to me. As a man, you are worried about your wife and that your baby will be OK and then when the baby is born it is a whole order more emotionally intense. So there I am standing between the respiratory therapist on my left and my wife on my right. I am waiting for my son to breathe his first moments of life and then the doctor is doing her work on my wife to start her recovery. In that moment, the 3-5 minutes it took for my son to breathe, it felt like 30. I was happy that my wife looked completed relieved once the baby was out but because of the long labor my little guy had a rough time. I am glad my wife comes from good stock because my son is well. The delivery is an experience I will never forget. Man could never do what a woman has to do for childbirth. My last thought is that my wife is an amazing woman and she is stronger than I could have ever imagined.



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  1. 1Melissa

    I am in awe of our restraint. I cannot imagine a nurse saying “you knew it would be painful.” Really? Thank you, oh mighty Queen of the Obvious. Witch.