Aden’s First Mountain Trip

Saturday, 22 November 2008, 14:00 | Category : Mountains, Parenting
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We took Aden on his first vacation to the mountains this week. It went so much better than anticipated but in some ways traveling with a seven week old baby was a little frustrating. I am glad I have a husband who helps out so much, although I kept finding myself getting extremely frustrated very quickly especially at night when I was tired and hungry. Kevin got the worst of it then. I’ve noticed that my frustration increases dramatically after 9:00 p.m. and of course that is when Aden gets the most active. I’ve read that traveling with a baby this age is the easiest. I can totally understand that as the couple were traveling with have an 11-month old and that seems so much worse. She did a lot more crying and whining and demanded a lot more attention. As well as it went with Aden, it was still stressful and all I could think of was of leaving him with Grandma the next time. We did have a few fun moments but for the most part I feel like I didn’t get to relax. Because I was constantly watching Aden, I missed out on some things. I like taking lots of pictures, enjoying a relaxing dinner without having to get up to change diapers or worry about disturbing everyone in the restaurant.

When we stayed at our friend’s cabin and it started snowing all day, I got really stressed. All I could think of was being snowed in with an infant and no food or water. Luckily there was nothing to be concerned about but to a Florida girl who hasn’t any experience with snow, that was quite worrisome. It snowed all day Thursday. I wish I had gotten to play in the snow more. Kevin was out there making a snowman and snow angels.

We took Aden to the Grove Park Inn and Spa for dinner and a photo. Grove Park is so wonderful. They had a photo-op set up for the guests to use and we did get our Christmas shot. Their gingerbread house competition was displayed and they were marvelous. The fantastical creations inspired lovely visions of Christmas. Between the snow and the beautiful Christmas decorations at Grove Park we had a lovely holiday experience. I just hope we didn’t do the wrong thing with bringing Aden along. I’m so worried he’ll get sick. Then I’ll be labeled a bad mother. How could I possibly even contemplate taking out an infant and risk exposing him to so much? Is this what parenthood is all about? Constant worry and stress? How could anyone want to do this more than once? I keep reminding myself that people far less intelligent than myself manage to raise children, I guess I can too. It doesn’t seem to help my stress level at all though.


Family in the snow

Family in the snow


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