Baby’s first Christmas

Sunday, 30 November 2008, 21:47 | Category : Parenting
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I dread the crawling stage. Our house is sooo not baby-proofed. This will probably be the last Christmas I can have ornaments on the bottom half of the tree or fancy crystal out on the bottom shelves or anywhere near crawling hands. But the trade off will be watching Aden open his own presents. For this year, I’m going to give that task to his grandmother.

I have always dreaded the holidays before. Not only the family pushing and pulling, but the commercialism, the have-to’s, and the endless eating. Although, the eating is enjoyable, it has the worst consequences. I do have to say that I am looking forward to Christmas this year. We did buy Aden some presents, nothing too crazy as I know the grandmothers have gotten him tons of stuff.

We put up our Christmas tree today. It’s a fake tree my MIL gave us a couple of years ago. It’s a beautiful tree and saves us a big expense through the holiday season. We don’t have much in the line of Christmas decorations. Our tree consists of a star at the top, colored lights, and ornaments we have collected from travels and our childhoods. Aden seemed absolutely fascinated by the lights. For someone as curious as Aden, I can see why it is recommended that ornaments be put up high on the tree. My MIL has never been to our house during the holiday seasons and seemed to enjoy watching us put up our tree and ornaments. Today was the first time in a long time that I felt that wonderful happy fuzzy feeling of being home and everything is as it should be.


Aden sits with Santa

Aden sits with Santa


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