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Monday, 1 December 2008, 21:34 | Category : Parenting, Work
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It’s my first day back at work. I haven’t cried yet. I have had the joy of everyone asking me how hard it was to leave Aden. That’s the pleasure in working in a big office, you get the same questions multiple times to the point of not wanting to answer the next person who asks. I think I need to put up a sign on my desk each morning. “Yes, I’m fine. Yes, it was hard to leave the baby. No, I haven’t cried yet, but keep pushing I might. Yes, he is absolutely adorable.”

I have to admit it was a bit easier to leave Aden today as we left him home with his grandmother. She will be watching him this week. Kevin will watch him next week, then his other grandmother will watch him after that. Starting in January, we will be using a daycare center. It was something I was hoping to avoid, but as I have to work we didn’t have much of a choice. Daycare in this town is hard to find. I went to several centers and they were either booked up for years or the center gave me the heebee jeebees and I wouldn’t put my dog in them. (That’s kind of snobby, but that was how I felt.)

It sucks that going back to work coinsides with Aden being more interactive. I know every mom who works goes through this and I really am trying not to be self-pitying. I’m just making my little mommy complaint. Aden’s personality is really coming out. He loves his daddy and just totally lights up when Kevin is near. Even when Kevin is wearing a mask Aden recognizes his voice. Aden loves to do his sit-ups. We can tell he is already going to be very active and need a lot activities to keep him busy. At least in daycare, they will keep him active and busy and he will be tired out when we get home. I hope.



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