Boys are different than girls

Thursday, 18 December 2008, 21:41 | Category : Parenting
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Aden is almost three months old and I’ve already noticed a difference between boys and girls. Girls have miles and miles of clothes to choose from in the stores. Boys do not. It is obvious by the extensive research stores have put into supplying more girl clothes than boy clothes that people spend a lot more money dressing up girls. There are tons of dress-up shoes for girls, barely any for boys.

Before the holidays, I was trying to find a basic pair of black dress shoes for Aden for all his nice holiday outfits. His nice outfits were hard to find too. When you find “nice” clothes for boys you have to jump on them because of the limited quantity, hang the price. I must have went to every store in the mall looking for Aden’s black dress shoes.  Finally, I found a pair at Payless. The choice wasn’t much there either. Later, I discovered another pair at Dillard’s hidden in the girl’s department. In the same stores, there are rows and rows of girls shoes, dressy and otherwise. It really emphasizes how much as a society we value the appearance of girls and not of boys, especially infants. I haven’t researched older boys clothing yet.

Aden is already wearing a size 6 month, so I have to start shopping for 6-9 months. I sure hope he levels off a bit. This new size is much harder to find especially on the sales racks. His smaller clothes were so much easier to find on sale. I am a bit picky on his clothes. I like him to look like a big little boy so I avoid the pastel blue colors. I usually pick the darker boy colors. The Children’s Place has a good selection of boy clothes so I enjoy shopping there. We were at a birthday party for our friend’s little girl and there was a boy there that was dressed in this weird balloony jumper. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or a girl. Granted, the jumper did have a train on it. There was a little girl there that had a similar balloony one-piece jumper on. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

IF I had a little girl, I would probably want to avoid pink as much as possible to be fair.  I hate pink.  You always know the girl’s department by the sea of peptobismal pink.  I think it would be very hard not to find pink clothes.  I would probably have a girl that loved pink.  Don’t they all love pink?


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