The Family Portrait Adventure

Monday, 8 December 2008, 17:17 | Category : Parenting
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We did our first family portrait Friday evening. That was an adventure. We went to the Picture People in the mall. Having an evening session is not a good idea. Aden did fine and had the attention span I expected, but the Picture People photographer was tired. I believe she was trying to get us out of there as quickly as possible.

We got there the requisite 20 minutes early as requested. Then we waited about an hour and half. We felt so rushed trying to go in between poses and get Aden ready. Even with all of that, we got a few good shots! Kevin was so proud that we went to Michael’s to get frames to hang the family portraits. He hung them last night and they look great! I like being able to walk out of the studio with the pictures in hand…instant gratification.


Family Portrait

Family Portrait


2 Comments for “The Family Portrait Adventure”

  1. 1Cori Renguette

    What a lovely portrait! I would hang that on my wall too:)

    I know that had to be tough for you Michele–sitting on the other side of the camera:) Miss you and can’t wait to come meet Aden!


  2. 2Kerri

    Ahhhh, you look like such a happy family!