All I want for my birthday is my son’s poopie diaper

Tuesday, 13 January 2009, 19:57 | Category : Birthday, Parenting
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So on my birthday my son had failed to have a, let’s say, full colon discharge for two days. This fact began to concern me and normally I do not worry about such things. Our doctor has told us not to worry about colon clearing unless it is over three days. I think this sort of worrying is training for when us adults get older. Many friends of ours in the medical professions have said they still don’t understand the elderly’s fascination with plumbing movement.

Finally my son delivered and cleared out the room. I genually felt more at ease once he did. As for the rest of the day I got birthday cake and a new video game (Fallout3) which I can’t wait to find time to play.



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