Dingo took my Baby!

Saturday, 10 January 2009, 17:44 | Category : Parenting
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No, actually daycare took my baby and at first it was really heart-wrenching. It is like walking into the school building on the first day of kindergarten after you have lost sight of your parents. You do not know anyone and you can’t turn back. This will be the first of many “letting go moments” and it is only the first 3 months of life!

I know M and I typically post our thoughts on the same subject but this time I needed a different title to drive the point home. I was really sad to see my little boy go to daycare but after a week of the pick-up and drop-off, that has helped me warm up completely to the situation. We got through our first week of daycare and the woman we hired comes from a good family.  She comes from a traditional southern up-bringing which is almost always nurturing with a slight to moderate hint of guilt from time to time. Don’t worry the guilt either makes your stronger or gives you a psychological condition. But I digress, another great thing about our daycare is that it has a more personal touch. The communication with the “provider” is better. The environment our child is in is not going to be the germ infested cesspool that most large outfits offer. We hope to go for at least a year before thinking about toddler daycare to gain more socialization.



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