I can no longer watch the show House

Thursday, 22 January 2009, 18:20 | Category : Parenting
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So my wife and I really like the show House. The main character “Dr. Gregory House” is really unconventional and crass. It is like watching what you would imagine would be your worst scenario, you are going to die and the doctor taking care of you has the bed side manner of a Jason Voorhees. In this case Jason has a license to kill you with a needle. So besides all the plot, character interactions and the hope that House and Cutty will fraternize outside of work or in the sleep observation rooms. Wait that has already been done…

OK, enough digressing, so last night I had a dream. Try to imagine a Charlie Brown cartoon, the colors, the drawing and now put that look over the show House. Now, imagine the show is about a baby with an issue. House sticks the baby with something he thinks is the cure and then the baby crashes, the heart monitor is going nuts all the nurses are running to attend and then House walks out in cane fashion and says, tell me when he is alive so I can cure him. Yea so that was my dream. The baby was not my son in the dream but when I woke up around 5:00am I immediately went and checked on him.

So perhaps I will not stop watching House but I will immediately change the channel when the show is about babies and children. We have enough fear in our society that something is going to happen to our children. So I do not need to further add to my minds eye a story concerning sick children. I love House!



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