My baby’s sick

Tuesday, 27 January 2009, 16:43 | Category : Parenting
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What do I do?  I can’t stand it.  It doesn’t help that I am sick too with this weird allergy-vertigo thing. I took a day and a half off sick last week and half a day yesterday so I cannot take off more time than necessary.  Kevin is watching Aden today and going to take him to the doctor.  My heart breaks every time I hear Aden try to talk because it sounds like his throat is hurting him and he has this croaking sound.  Normally, I don’t like parenting advice, but if anyone has ideas on how to help my little guy feel better, please let me know.  One of the best ideas I heard of this morning was to stand in the shower with him to let the phlegm break up.  We’ll give that a try and of course, take advice from our pediatrician.

Yesterday I was told that every time Aden gets sick, I probably will to.  It is such an interesting phenomenon trying to build one’s child’s immunity.  How is it that my immunity is so bad too?  Is it the lack of sleep?  We had Aden sleep in our room last night because of the cold.  I wanted to make sure I heard him if anything went wrong.  Although, I panic went I don’t hear him.  When I do hear him I know he is alright.  I think the constant worry and heart-pounding panic wears on us parents as well.  All I can say is thank goodness for grandmothers.

Aden right before he got sick.

Aden right before he got sick. I think this was a sign of things to come.



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    I know how rough it is when kiddos are sick. Every time my munchkin gets sick, I always wish I could take it away from him and have it myself. It’s hard since they can’t really take medicine either. Here’s my advice though. A cold-vapor humidifier, baby Vicks on his chest, and if he’s over 3 months, Johnson and Johnson’s Soothing Vapor Bath. Hope he gets well soon.