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We had dinner with friends Monday evening.  They have a daughter who is more than one years old now.  Whenever we get together with them or other friends with children we are constantly asking them questions about various childhood development stages.  We want to be sure that Aden is keeping up and progressing normally.  We are not comparing of course, but in a sense that overly paranoid, is this normal?, haven’t got a clue parents, we are.  Now that I’m working and the weekends are the only significant amount of time I get to spend with Aden, I really marvel at the weekly changes.  At each stage, I think, Oh, I’m going to remember this forever!  Then when we ask our friends about their kids in the same stages you see this blank look on their faces trying to recall that particular moment in their history.  I know I will be the same as I am already starting to forget certain little things.  If it weren’t for the pictures, I wouldn’t remember how tiny he was when we first brought him home.  I have shoes for him that I thought it would be months and months before he could wear them and now I think they may be too small and he not even have put his foot in them.

Everyone says, “It goes by so fast,” so much so that you get sick of hearing it, but it’s true, it’s true.  How do you cope as a parent?  I think that the parenting is partly raising the kid, but partly about being able to handle the constant flux and go with the flow of change.  It is definitely a mental challenge.  Aden keeps growing.  I am tossing items left and right that don’t fit him anymore.  He needs to level off soon for my peace of mind.  Is this actually supposed to be a learning experience for me?  Perhaps I am on my way to adulthood after all.  Maybe by the time he leaves the house, I’ll feel like an adult.  I’ll definitely be ready to play then!

Watching Aden change and grow daily and weekly has really brought home to me how fast time in general goes by.  That time that goes by for him is going by for me as well.  I’m realizing how short life is, to coin a phrase, and yet again.  I have had this urge, need, if you will, that I must pursue my life’s ambitions before it is too late.  I want to go to the gym and work out.  I want to write more (this blog is definitely helping).  I want to paint more, I want to do more with my photography.  I want to push my husband into doing theatre.  Not that I want to PUSH him of course, but it is a creative outlet that we can both be involved in and I know he would truly enjoy.  I want to pursue daily bliss.  These are not my New Year’s resolutions but life affirmations.  These are things I WANT.  These are things I must do to make my life more fulfilling.  I have always wanted to do these things, but always thought there would be more time later.  Aden has really brought home to me that there is no later, only now.



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  1. 1Melissa

    Daily bliss is an excellent goal! Although I’m pretty sure the whole adulthood thing is overrated 😉