The show must go on

Thursday, 29 January 2009, 14:20 | Category : Parenting
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Aden is feeling much better today and went off to the baby-sitter’s.  It’s pouring rain buckets out there so I hope he doesn’t get worse.  He still sounds like a poor sick cat when he tries to talk but at least the horrible slobbery sneezing has gone.  Oh, and I’m feeling better too.  Hopefully, well enough to work out tonight.  I hate getting sick because all I want to do is just stop time and stay in bed.  But we must continue on.

Speaking of the show must go on, Kevin auditioned for the play Pippin at the Gainesville Community Playhouse at the Vam York Theater. He has never auditioned for anything in his life and he got a part! Not that I was surprised.  He is such a natural performer.  His public speaking skills have paid off.  Of course, it is a musical and one of the longer running shows, so he is really going to get his feet wetter than a fish in water.  I know he is going to love doing the show.  Since he is in the play, I volunteered to help out however I could.  So we are both going to be very busy for the next couple of months.

This will take all of our time for the next couple of months.  Kevin and I worry that we won’t have enough time with Aden though.  We feel as if we have little time with him now because of work so this is going to cut down on that small pleasure.  It is for a limited time though and I think working at the playhouse will be fun for both of us.  Exciting, fun, and I bet, exhausting.



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