War is a Science

Friday, 6 February 2009, 20:29 | Category : Hobbies, Marriage, Parenting
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I have to ditto some of the points my wife makes in her post The Show must go on. You would think that when our time is at our most precious we would not do more to take away from our Aden time. I came to the conclusion while thinking about this that people have children and they have lives. It is not selfish to still pursue goals and dreams of your own. I have always dreamed of doing theatre even though it is just on a volunteer basis. This is going to be a lot of fun.  So I auditioned and I am doing it. Thank you 4-H and Student Government for breaking fears of public speaking.

So the other night I got my script book and I am busying myself learning song lyrics and lines. Here is one, War is a Science, which good soldiers appreciate recall and recapitulate, before they go to decimate the other SIDE! Sounds good right? Well, I will not be knocked for not trying. The show Pippin is a musical comedy and it has some pretty funny lines in it. I am so excited to do the show.

~Life as Dad


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