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Aden is developing and learning daily.  He went to the doctor on Friday and weighed in at 19.6lbs.  He is the size of a one year old according to the doctor.  I cannot help but feel proud and scared.  I have a sumo-wrestler for a child.  He is going to roll-over me in bed!  S.P.D.S.  Sudden Parental  Death Syndrome.

At least he is a happy sumo wrestler, at least until he gets hungry or tired.  He is starting to show attachment which I secretly love because I never thought he would know me as his mom.  I always think he sees me as the babysitter and his babysitter as his primary caretaker.  He is always so happy to see her.  God DAMN it.

He can sit up and play by himself with his toys.  He can’t pull himself up yet but he can do an awesome stomach crunch!  He can now roll over from his front to back!  Only because he hates being on his stomach so much.  He is now wanting to touch and mouth everything in sight.  He can recognize his daddy for sure!  He said Ba Ba last week although we don’t know if it means bottle, binky or something else.  I fed him sweet potatoes last night and he ate them like a pro.  The little sumo-wrestler can do some damage to the teether cookies too.



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