Parenting in Fear

Friday, 6 March 2009, 14:25 | Category : Parenting
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I live in fear of being a parent. Fear of anything happening to my son.  Fear of others and their opinions.  I fear my sleep deprivation will cause havoc on my brain.

I want to put locks on the cabinets and plugs in the electric ports.  Kevin does not.  We both grew up without those safety devices, as did thousands of others of our generation.  We survived!  But now, those things exist and not using them…is that like not using current medicines? As a simple safety issue, this should be a no brainer but I think Kevin and I are definitely at odds about this.

I want to use these safety devices not because I fear for my child, but because I fear the criticisms of others and the possible repercussions if something did happen.  I realize that as a first-time parent I am overwhelmed with the responsibility of it all.  I wonder, do parents with multiple children put as much attention into this issue or is it more of a first-time parenting paranoia?  Just the same I feel I should at least lock up the alcohol and cleaning fluids.  IF that kid gets into my alcohol I’ll be really p.o.ed!  That stuff is for my brain!

~Life as Mom


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