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Tuesday, 7 April 2009, 14:59 | Category : Parenting
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I have to thank my wife for being so wonderful. She is so awesome because she has been 100% supportive in my recent endeavors. That is not to say she is not supportive in all the other activities I do to keep myself busy but for this latest activity she has really gone all out. I have not been writing as of late and that is because I have been acting in a musical at the local community theatre in town. This all started in February with an audition, my wife was like hey you have always said you wanted to do community theatre so go out for it. So instead of picking up Aden from Gradma’s and going home we decided to go to the audition. I sang Happy Birthday as my audition song and after a few hours we went home. The next day I found out that I landed the role of Charlemagne in the musical Pippin. When I found out I got one of the leading parts I was shocked, thrilled and anxious all in one moment. The folks at the theatre (www.gcplayhouse.org) have been so helpful and by the time rehearsals were done I had learned my lines, dancing and songs so that I could deliver a performance worthy of a King!

In all of this rehearsal and show, six days a week 7pm – 11pm, my time away from family has been extreme to say the least. In all of this time my wife has been so supportive. She has taken care of the house, the baby and all the things in between. I know I have been building up on the payback account but it will be great. After the show is done this week I will be home more to do the yard projects that have been building and I will be there more for my son. I am so glad I did the show but will be glad it had a stopping point. I will probably try to do one show a year and hopefully my son will have a thespian streak as well so we can do a show together.

My wife has been reminding me of the payback account every so often as the show has progressed. I know when the show is over she is going to start working on the projects she has been backlogging. I cannot wait to see what she can set her creative juices into making. She is such a creative person and has an eye for exploring the beauty around us.

~Life as Dad


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