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Monday, 27 April 2009, 8:00 | Category : Family, Health, Marriage, Parenting
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My goal as a mother and wife has been to make sure my little core of a family is healthy and happy. Kevin and I are perfectly ecstatic with each other and out child.  We love everything about  each other and if there were no one else in the world we would be completely happy.  The problem is we are not the only people on the planet and if we were we would get bored very quickly.  We would not be very happy or healthy people if we did not explore our wishes and dreams.  Not to mention, Aden would have a very limited life experience.

So with happiness and the health of our core unit in mind,  we are trying new things, doing things that we have talked about and dreamed about.

Kevin got to try his hand at acting and found that he totally loved it.  We also wanted to try some churches in the area in which we can raise Aden.  We are looking for a church that will expand Aden’s social network and that will teach tolerance.  A rare thing among Christians.

As a Christian society, there are certain morals and life codes that most Americans live by.  Not everyone of course including myself, but most of the American society is generally Christian.  I want Aden to understand that background.  As he gets older, I will want him to explore other religions that are not Christian.  The goal would be for him to conciously choose a religion or a way life that suits him.  I do not want him to blindly follow a religion just because it was the way he was raised.  I want him to question all aspects of life and make decisions based on informed choices not because that is the only way others are doing things.

My own personal fulfillment has come out in writing and photography.  I tend to tell myself that my work isn’t good enough, but I am hoping to work through that this year.  I am hoping to sell my photography and continue developing this blog.  As an artist, which I have tried not to be my whole life, I need outside validation that what I like to do is worth it.

As Aden gets older, I want him to know that his parents pursued life with nothing held back.  I want him to look back on our lives and be proud of us, that we lived pursueing those things that made us happy and that we exposed him to a variety of ways to live life.  I want him to know that we took his wellbeing as our sole concern and to support that we kept our own health and happiness as a priority.

~Life as Mom


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