Milestones at 7 months

Friday, 24 April 2009, 16:37 | Category : Birthday, Family, Milestones, Parenting
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Dear Aden,

Today you are seven months old.  You are half as tall as your grandmother-Noni.  You are learning to sit up on your own.  If fact, you sat up on your own last night for the first time.  Your Noni and I laughed and clapped and you just looked up and smiled a great big smile like it was nothing and you knew you could do it all along.

You are learning and growing so fast.  Soon you will be crawling and then walking.  Your father and I are not ready for that yet.  We wish we could slow down time so that we could spend each precious moment with you for a tiny bit longer.

Your two bottom teeth are showing and your two top teeth are almost out.  I am so grateful you didn’t get sick when this happened.  Some children get fevers and ear infections along with teething but so far that hasn’t happened with you.  We were actually surprised to see teeth as your temperment barely even changed.  You were a little grumpy after your teeth came in but nothing a nice cold ice popsicle couldn’t handle.

You are starting to sleep through the night more.  Not every night, but much more often and that gives us much needed rest.  You are starting to pull yourself up and that means we need to lower your bed and playyard.

You are feeding youself as well.  From the very beginning, you were quite insistent on it actually.  It seems that you watched us eat for so long that you knew immediately what to do.  Just this week, you figured out how to pick up a piece of food and put it in your mouth.

I am sure I have missed some milestones that you have reached at this point, but  in a month I’ll have much more to report.

Your mother,

~Life as Mom


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