What kind of parent am I?

Wednesday, 8 April 2009, 20:44 | Category : Parenting
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This past weekend Aden showed interest in social bonding which means we as parents definitely have to mind our p’s and q’s.  He joined in laughter with a group of my family just because we were laughing.  Sometimes I forget how much babies have to absorb and learn at this age.  I forget how much I have to teach.

Until this point, we have been playing parent by the skin of our teeth.  Now that he is beginning to mimic us that makes us think about how we need and want to act in front of him.  Do we want to change our behavior?  Kevin and I have this idealist vision of sitting at the table every night because that is what we did as children.  The thing is we don’t normally sit at the table to eat.  As I am thinking of what kind of parent I want to be, I go to the almighty Google and look up parenting styles.  I had no idea that every parent is classified into a style and that those styles have been studied and that children do better with one style over others.  Of the four types, authoritian, authoritative, indulgent and negletful, only one seems to be positive.  At least it seems that way from reading the descriptions from Wikipedia.  Somehow I thought there would be more positive styles to choose from.  It seems parenting, as in life, must be balanced.  We must maintain a perfect balance between discipline and caring, between listening and teaching.  Somehow that seems like it is going to be a challenge in the future.  As of right now, all my energy goes to getting Aden fed, bathed and ready for bed when we get home.  Let’s add discipline, listening, teaching and being attentive to the short two hours we have together in the evenings. I guess there are always weekends. Test your parenting style at Parenting.com.  I feel like I am going back to school with all of this research and testing.

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