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Friday, 24 April 2009, 21:54 | Category : Parenting
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We have many friends that read books about parenting and although many books on the subject have good information they can often lead to a “hook line a sinker” way of parenting. With all the multitudes of information on the topic of parenting it is my hope some folks can take a moment to read between the lines. There is what the book says and then there is reality. We read a lot of books about pregnancy and especially me on what a good birth partner should and should not be saying while in the throws of the delivery room. We have also read serveral books on parenting to give us the general, and on the sixth month the baby let forth a tooth type of expectations. So we established the what to parent when parenting aresenal. Your little bundle of joy is going to have a personality developing month by month and with that comes the uniqueness only a parent can understand how to cope with to bring joy. The point here is yes seek knowledge, expand your mental vocabulary on the subject of parenting and what to do when but don’t eat everything a book is dishing up. Finally, do not let a book break your confidence in yourself because you are going to know what to do when your little one has an issue. When the moment comes your instinct, your reading and most likely your mother-in-law are going to give you the guidance and confidence you need to handle the situation well.

~Life as Dad


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