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Friday, 1 May 2009, 8:37 | Category : Family, Parenting
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This past weekend was full and enlightening.  Saturday was mommy’s day.  I got my eyes checked, went shopping and had drinks and dinner with girlfriends.  A Perfect day.

Sunday, Kevin and I tried another church, the Westside Baptist Church.  I did not like it.  The choir was fantastic but the sermon just exemplified everything I find wrong in organized religion.  One minute the pastor was condemning one segment of society and the next saying don’t be prejudice.  It just gave me the creeps.  I know I want Aden to choose what he wants later in life but the lack of tolerance for other people no matter how politically correct or incorrect their group may be is unbearable.  I hope he doesn’t choose that way to be.  But then again, it won’t be up to me.  It will be his choice and it is my job to show him what those choices are.

In comparison to the Trinity Methodist Church, I found it not quite as welcoming either.   Trinity has this very gregarious greeter that you could just tell-he loves his job.  I can imagine him at the Pearly Gates greeting the rightous with a loud and merry “Good Morning, Glad to see you!”  They have coffee too!

It’s funny, I was looking for coffee at the Baptist Church because I didn’t get to have any at home that morning.  I didn’t see it but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.  We saw an actual baptism too.  I didn’t realize the Baptists actually completely submerged their followers.

The preacher’s sermon was so negative.  I felt beat up on and I just completely shut-down.  My arms got crossed and I felt very anxious.   I really hate such negativity disguised as life lessons, ie: punishment for all my sins that ever existed and ever will exist.  That whole horrible feeling and the completely transparent hippocracy is why I got out of the church in the first place.  People on the outside were much nicer and more positive.

On a more positive note, Kevin and I put Aden in the pool for the first swim of the season.  He was a little scared of the cool water when we put his toes in but with is daddy holding him and slowely lowering him in, Aden seemed to really begin to enjoy it.  We had an infant floater for him to sit in and he completely took to it.  He loved the splashing of his father.  The best part was him wearing his sunglasses.  He was just so excited to wear his sunglasses.  I had been looking forward to putting him in the pool since before he was born.  I remember the hours of fun my brother and I had in the pool when we were young.  I hope Aden becomes a water baby and enjoys the pool as much as Kevin and I do.  The great thing about the pool was that it wore Aden out and he slept all night.  That’s as close to heaven as I could possibly want.

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