Memorial Day-Weekend Rain

Friday, 22 May 2009, 15:05 | Category : Parenting
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The official start to summer!  Kind of a bummer that we already have a tropical system overhead and it doesn’t look too promising at the moment for a sunny weekend. The weatherman keeps promising a clear weekend…we shall see!

We have to prepare for our long weekend tonight as we are staying at some cabins on the Rainbow River in Dunnellon with my family.  This is a weekend we look forward to all year as it is a most relaxing vacation.  Looks like it may be too relaxed this year as we won’t be able to swim or boat.  Have I mentioned I am really bummed?  At least I have three solid days with my son if I can keep the aunts and uncles and cousins off of him.

Kevin and I usually go kayaking on this trip and my uncle always rents a pontoon boat for the family to go down the river.  We grill and talk and watch movies and play games.  It is always so much fun.  Lots more games this year I suppose.  Taboo! anyone?

As a Floridian, I know how much we need the rain as we are in a drought, but -go away rain!  It has been raining all week.  Ok, I’ll stop miserating now.

We stay in a two-bedroom simple cabin that is fully furnished and has a screened-in porch.  With so many relatives we always tend to have lots of kids running around, dogs (I come from a dog-lovin’ family), and aunts and uncles wandering back and forth between the cabins.  I’m just hoping to get a little bit of time to paint my toenails.

The Rainbow River is a beautiful spring-fed river that is wonderfully clear.  You can always see the fish and the otter and sometimes the alligators.  Lovely!

~Life as Mom


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