Milestones at 9 months

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You are standing on your own now for seconds at a time.  We just cannot believe it.  It is way too soon.  How is that possible?  It took you two weeks to master crawling and cruising.  I can’t even get out of bed that fast.

Your  independence is showing as well.  Although you are still listening to us, I see the buds of testiness coming.  By the time you are one, the tantrums will be in full bloom.  You are eating more and eating more often.  Feeding yourself has been old hat for you, but throwing the spoon across the room is new.  Your newest favorite toy is the green pool noodle.  I can see the gears in your head saying “I am master of the universe!”  Especially when you hold such a large object above your head with both hands like an accomplished sword master.

Aden at Cummer Museum

Aden at Cummer Museum

The biggest quirk you have right now is that you won’t poopy at home.  You wait until the babysitter picks you up or you are at Grandma’s.  I don’t know if this is because your parents make horrendous faces at you when they have to change you or what, but what a weird quirk to have.  Your parents are going to assume it’s the whole don’t want to crap in your own cave kind of mentality.

You are definitely the cutest thing around and I can’t take enough pictures.  Somehow there is never enough documentation.  Your father and I are not big into videotaping, but it is something we will have to work on.  Our memories are just not large enough to hold all the cool new things you do each and every day.

I love you more than anything.



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