Summer is here

Wednesday, 10 June 2009, 11:45 | Category : Parenting
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The hot muggy summer weather is here.  Thanks beautiful Florida!  We would be in the pool more except it seems to always be raining when we are home.  Hence the sauna-like atmosphere.

Aden has really taken to the water.  He is able to hold himself up in his pool floaty now.  As long as he has a toy in his hand, he could stay in the pool for hours.  Now that he is crawling and cruising, I’m sure he could probably kick himself around the pool too.

I can’t believe he is already crawling and cruising.  We got him this activity table this past weekend and I believe he would stand at that thing all day if he could.  He is definitely needing more engaging toys.

As the crawling begins, so too does the discipline.  So far he has done really well when we tell him no.  We don’t actually tell him no, just “nuh-ah” several times.  He has listened every time but you can see on his face that he is conflicted.  He scrunches up his face to cry, looks at what he is after, looks at us, looks what he is after again and does a little whiny cry.  He doesn’t like being able to go after what he wants but listens to his mommy and daddy.  He watches our faces very carefully. At the moment I am practicing my “don’t mess with Mommy” look.  I’m too afraid to use the word “no” at this point because I see it the same way as training dogs and men.  If you use the word “no” too often, they’ll just ignore you.

I’m always conscience of making sure I smile at him after these little disciplinary episodes.  I don’t want his only attention to be negative.  At least at this point he is still perking up his ears and waiting for his biscuit.

~Life as Mom


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