Summer Staycation (vacation)

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This week we are on holiday, a stay-at-home vacation.  At least, a we stayed close to home.  We did stay at Fenandina Beach one night which was technically away from home.

The Santa Fe River, Florida, June 2009

The Santa Fe River, Florida, June 2009

Monday we explored a local kayak run on the Santa Fe River .  That was so relaxing.  It was  beautiful non-rainy Florida day.  HOT!  Thank you SPF60.  As it was a weekday, we had the river to ourselves (and the alligators).  A kayaker’s dream.  We rented a tandom kayak from a place on campus and took it to the river after we dropped Aden off at Grandma’s.  I felt elated to be out on the water in the sun relaxing.  I wish I could do that every  weekend.   We stopped about an hour into our paddle and layed back listening to the quiet and the fish splashing.  The river was flowing pretty strongly so it was a constant paddle upriver.  Coming back downriver was smooth coasting all the way.  We did see a couple of alligators.  One was very large and in the middle of the river right where we needed to paddle. As we headed straight for him, his head quickly disappeared under the tanon-colored water.  I have never paddled so hard.  We rushed to get past the spot where we last saw him.  I know cerebrally that alligators will leave you alone when you are in a craft but when I am gliding along on their level I get a little (lot) unnerved.

Wednesday we decided to explore Jacksonville a little.  Kevin grew up there and has always talked about different areas that he has wanted to show me and this week was the perfect opportunity.  After a quick visit to the mother-in-law’s house we headed for the beach.  We had no idea where we were going to stay.  Kevin decided he would look up hotels on the way.  Thank you iPhone.

I have to say that technology has definitely made vacationing a lot easier and comfortable.

Aden at Elizabeth Pointe Lodge

Aden at Elizabeth Pointe Lodge

He called the first place on the list that was at the beach, got a decent rate and we decided to check it out.  All I can tell you is that Kevin sure does know how to pick them.  The inn was beautiful and about as perfect as you can get for a beach place.  The Elizabeth Pointe Lodge is a cozy old world beachfront lodge that materialized what I had always imagined my dream beachfront cabin should be like.  We were continually impressed from the spacious driveway to the cozy room. When we walked into the lobby the first thing I noticed was the library and the fireplace.  This isn’t the pastel, kitchy kinda place I’m used to seeing on the beach.  This was much more comfortable in a real sort of way.  The library and furniture all looked as if they were really used.  The wall of windows ending in a bay window seat framed the ocean so well that I didn’t even want to go outside.

Aden on the king-sized bed.

Aden on the king-sized bed.

Once we saw our room with the king-sized bed (all the rooms have king beds), we were hooked.  As we had Aden with us and didn’t bring along the pack-n-play we needed the extra bed space.

Once we checked in and put Aden on the bed he absolutely cooed.  He loved it and so did we as it was so comfortable.  It was gratifiying as well to know that the management didn’t freak out over having an infant staying with them.  Some B&B’s don’t allow children so we really lucked out to have found one that did.  After a short walk on the beach to a diner next door, we had dinner with the ocean breeze on our faces.  Aden loved it.  He really likes breezes.

After a soak in the huge tub, we went to sleep on the luxurious bed.  Morning brought a wonderfully rainy day which we didn’t mind at all because we were staying in such a wonderful place.  A full breakfast featuring the best french toast ever and high chair accomodations for Aden endeared this place in our hearts forever.  After breakfast we retired to the oceanfront porch and waited in the rocking chairs for the rain to subside.  Aaaahhhhh.  We can’t wait to go back.

Today we are having a little pool party at our house to round out the end of our little staycation.  Nothing like hanging out with friends.  My favorite way to relax.

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