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Entertaining a toddler stretches the creative mind to its limits.  How does one find an object that will delight and keep a nine-month old busy?  I read all the parenting books and took their advice…use everyday objects.  It is really amazing how an expensive shiny colorful toy will be passed up for an old wooden spoon.

I try not to get caught up in the toy mania that is Toys R Us.  Believe me I wish we could buy Aden every toy on the market.  Sometimes I feel like I am depriving him of valuable entertainment and possible learning experiences without the latest and greatest toy.  Is that the reality or just the marketing?

Will he be a happy and self-satisfied adult having known he hasn’t had the latest Vtech?  Will he still learn all the things he needs to in order to be a functioning student?  I don’t know, but I do know when the wailing begins these are my go-to toys.

1.  Pool Noodle

As stated in a previous post, the pool noodle is about the best thing going for a young toddler’s confidence.  Aden thinks he is the strongest little man when he lifts it.

2. Wooden spoons

I love wooden spoons.  I wish I had more of them as I like cooking with them.  The feel of a wooden spoon in my hand is different than a plastic or metal spoon.  Somehow I always feel as if the food will taste better if I use a wooden spoon.  Aden has taken over the two wooden spoons that I have and I believe those are his favorite teethers.

3. Activity table

As soon as Aden starting crawling, he started pulling up.  Although this is the more expensive of his toys it is definitely one that is worth getting as he loves it.  When we first brought it home, he stood at it for hours.  He even uses it as a walker since he can push it across the room.

4. Plastic cup from Sonny’s BBQ

On a whim I kept a child’s cup from Sonny’s.  I thought when Aden got older we would need cups.  When he got into the plasticeware cupboard he pulled this out and kept it with him.  It is one of his favorite teethers.  He is always rolling it around chasing after it.  And the great thing is that it washes easily.

5. Balls

Just recently we have put balls into Aden’s toybox.  He has a big one that he can lift with both of his hands.  A bunch of small ones that he can fit in one hand and a medium size squishy one that he loves to bite and carry around in his mouth.  I love that he can fetch now.

6. Keys

What kid doesn’t like keys.

7. Plasticware cabinet

I read somewhere that making one cabinet child-friendly with objects they could pull out will entertain them.  What a brilliant idea.  Aden thinks he is hot stuff because he is getting into something and can throw plastic lids all over.  He likes the fact that he is with me too and can see me when I am in the kitchen.

8. Stuffed giraffe music box

This was a shower gift and a crib staple.  It was the first toy that Aden recognized and was able to put his little arms around.  The long neck of the giraffe has been squeezed a lot.

9. Plastic egg

For Easter I bought some plastic eggs for a $1 thinking that Aden would be into them in a couple of years.  It was love from first egg.  We now have to have an egg with us wherever we go.  I keep them in the diaper bags too.  It is the perfect toy to fit in his little hand.  He feels safe when he is holding his egg.  Best $1 investment ever.

10. Remote controls

Sometimes I think the toy manufacturers make everything colorful and shiny for the parents because everyone knows a baby will head towards the plain black remote everytime.  Without fail.  How is that for product testing?

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