Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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Oh my gosh, I am such a big fan!  I would have been at the midnight showing except that I have to work and sleep and take care of the baby, and blah, blah, blah.  Sometimes life just gets in the way of my desires!  We are definitely going to see it this weekend.

I have read the series and enjoyed the delightful imagery immensely.  I love that the movies manage to capture that sense of fantasy even though they leave out tons of details.  I hope to share the stories with Aden when he is old enough.  I hope they will be as timeless as they are ageless.

I have always loved that sense of fantasy that a fantastically written book can give me in another engaging world.

Harry Potter reviews

I was a BIG reader as a kid mostly because I was shy.  Reading led me into worlds where being shy didn’t matter and I could have the adventures I craved.  I hope to inspire Aden to be as big a reader although I don’t want him to be shy and scared of real life’s adventures.

For serious muggles

Another aspect of the Harry Potter movies has given me is the boy’s point of view.  I had a younger brother growing up but somehow boys always mystified me. What lessons should I take and apply to Aden?  Should I find Aden a Dumbledore figure to wisely guide him through challenges but not interfere with his life?  Do boys really need this older wiser male influence?  Does he need relationships like the Weasley’s can provide? How do I nurture the special talents that will emerge in Aden?  Will he have the same talents as his father? Will he have some of my talents?

Where are they now

We have relatives that won’t watch Harry Potter because of religious views.  Harry Potter is all about witchcraft therefore is of the devil.  It is a shame that such a wonderful story which has renewed interest in reading for millions of children around the globe has to be denied to some children.  If only Cinderella were so benign I wouldn’t argue the point.  It is hard to say how the Harry Potter franchise has influenced children in general.  I know I would love to live in that world, have special talents, meet magical creatures and drink pumpkin juice!

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  1. 1Gillian

    My 10 year old Grandson and I had a date last week. He was all showered and spruced up for the occasion. We went to the Harry Potter movie, followed by pizza. We both had a wonderful time, the movie and supper afterwards were just right. It was lovely to do something together that we both enjoyed so much.