Milestones at 10 months

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Aden at 10 months old

Aden at 10 months old


Almost one year old!  Can temper tantrums come early?
You are doing this thing-when we take something from you or move you when you are not ready and you throw your whole body back as hard as you can while simultaniously whining. You’ve knocked your head a couple of times, but we have been able to catch you most of the time. Note to self, get a baby helmet.

The goose egg that you have on your forehead this week is from exploring the house. While I was in the bedroom you wandered into the dining area and must have pulled yourself up with the dining chairs. That night you hit your eye on the faucet as well. Note to self, get a faucet cover. I hope you learn to not fall on your head soon. Again, the helmet thing.

You are teetering on taking that first step. I have to say that is one milestone that I really hope I’m around for because I’m really looking forward to that one. If you walk first at your grandmother’s or at your sitter’s I’ll be highly upset.

You can say STOP now and hold up your hand in a traffic cop sort of way. You are starting to wave a bit. You really like chocolate fudgecicles. You are starting to hate your baths because you can’t stand up and move around. You do not like being forced to sit down. You love to be chased when you are crawling around the house. You can say dog now and don’t refer to everything as cat. You father loves it when you say Da Da which isn’t very often.

You went to the doctor on Monday because your parents are worried about the rattle in your throat that you’ve had for two weeks. The doctor said to wait it out for another week or so and then she might declare it a sinus infection.

You are getting pickier with your food preferring the step 1 baby foods and snacks. You eagerly eat adult food when given to you. You watch intently when your parents eat, studying everything they put into their mouths.

We see all the light switches turning on. What fun!



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