My Eastpak Diaper Bag

Sunday, 12 July 2009, 10:58 | Category : Baby Essentials
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Since about 1997 I have had my Eastpak bag. I have to say my book bag helped me get my education. During my college days it carried my books for class, on my hiking trips it kept my trailmix handy, when I went to the beach it held the sun screen and towels, it kept the bugs out while camping but I never thought it would hold diapers. Alas, last weekend the primary diaper bag was in my wife’s car and she had gone to get her hair cut and it looks great by the way. Now with the primary bag unavailable and my honey do errands mounting I had to take action. I asked myself what could I use for a diaper bag. My conclusion immediately came to my old school bag. So I found it in the closet and as I took the camping gear out of my old Eastpak I had to laugh out loud. Never in a million years did I think my Eastpak would become a diaper bag. If you would have walked up to me in college and said hey that bag is going to carry diapers one day I would have said no way. That moment was another reinforcement that life has changed for old Dad here.  Well the Eastpak did not even flinch, it took on the baby essentials (diapers, whipes, distilled water, bottle, powdered formula, two toys, q-tips, and first aid kit) and we headed out into the wild blue yonder. Aden always does well while out in the car and we got the job done. Did I mention my wife’s new hair due looks great…

Well the Eastpak has always held up and I think it is going to be with me for many more years. In all the time I have had the bag there have been no zipper string mess and no repairs needed to it. I added a University of Florida Gator logo to the bag to give it some bling and some personality. Thanks Eastpak for a great bag.


~Life as Dad


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