Traveling with Baby

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Disney this weekend! Well, actually Downtown Disney to be precise. But it is close enough and Aden won’t know the difference. We are going to try out the new restaurant, T-REX, which we have heard lots of wonderful things about.  I’m a closet paleontologist so I’ll pretend that I’m twelve and get in the sandpit with the kids to dig for bones.  (Yea, I do know that I don’t look anywhere near 12.)

We will be in Lake Mary this weekend and wanted to make a quick trip to Orlando on Sunday.  Downtown Disney is great for this purpose because you don’t have to pay an entrance fee therefore if you can’t stay all day you don’t feel as if you have wasted your money.  You get the Disney experience without the Disney price.  Don’t get me wrong you still spend money!  Who can resist all the wonderful Disney things you can buy since it is just a giant outdoor Disney mall.

As I prepare for the weekend I realize that traveling with Aden will be different than in the past.  Even a trip as recently as our beach trip, Aden wasn’t moving around too much.  Now he is a little crawling motor that can’t be turned off.  How does one prepare for that?

I have my travel strategy planned, a couple of outfits per day, lots of diapers and some toys.  I need to add to that his favorite Baby Einstein movies, the portable DVD player, his favorite spoon, stroller, hats, swimsuits, and what else?  I’ve studied these travel tips and this travel blog, DeliciousBaby.

Everything I have read has said to be prepared.  I have to prepare for him actually being awake while we are driving.  Hmmm, what games can you play with a 10-month old that can’t move?  Peek-a-Boo comes to mind.  I think I’ll bring our puppet too, but Aden has been kinda scared of him lately.  Perhaps bubbles?

How do you entertain a crawling baby in a hotel room?  Why play with toys when he can explore the room.  I hope they have their own pack and plays as we don’t intend to bring ours.

We love traveling and hopefully with a little forethought this and future trips with Aden will go smoothly.

~Life as Mom


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