Our Travels to Orlando

Orlando was great and hot!  Nothing like a Florida vacation at the height of summer!  I took Aden to the Central Florida Zoo on Saturday.  He recognized the elephants!  That was fun.  The best part of the zoo was the Splash Park they have for little kids.  Aden loved it!  I thought he would be afraid of the water but he wasn’t.  He wanted me to walk him all around the Splash Park.  I got soaked but it was completely worth it.  He enjoyed himself so much!

Unfortunately he started getting sick that morning.  Started sneezing and coughing and his nose started running.  He still hasn’t quite gotten over it.

Kevin and I took Aden to Downtown Disney the next day.  We didn’t stay long because Aden wasn’t feeling well but we did hit a couple of the hot spots.  We went to the LEGO store which is candy to Kevin and I’m sure will be to Aden too.  We bought Aden’s birthday present there.  Then we hit the Disney Store which is HUGE.  In the baby section Kevin pulled out a stuffed baby Mickey Mouse and Aden went nuts.  He screamed and grabbed Mickey and DID NOT let him go.  I’m not quite sure what it was about that toy that he loved, but of course we had to get it.  Then we went to the T-REX restaurant for lunch.  The line wasn’t too long getting in but once in getting to our seats was the challenge.  My MAJOR complaint about this restaurant (an obviously family-oriented restaurant) was that the women’s bathroom was NOT family friendly.   Yes, they did have the obligatory changing table but it was squeezed in between two other stalls so that when I had to change Aden, I had to block both stalls so that no one could get in or out.  The one handicap bathroom, which did not have a changing table or a toddler seat, was terrible.  Try going to the bathroom holding a squirming toddler who wants to touch and then mouth everything!  I was not happy.  How could a restaurant like that not take into consideration ease and comfort in the bathroom?  The most important room in the restaurant!  That kind of ruined the whole dinasour experience for me as I missed the meteor shower that happens every 30 minutes because I was still struggling with Aden in the MESSED UP bathroom!  Everyone take note – when in Downtown Disney use the Disney bathrooms…they have to be better.  I didn’t get to see one and believe me next time I go I will definitely be checking them out.

Since having Aden, bathroom ease and comfort has become a priority.  Let me tell you, the restaurants that have the changing table and the toddler seats in the handicap stall DO stick out in my mind and I definitely favor those restuarants.  We have deli type restaurant here that has all of that, Crispers.  Very family friendly.  All thumbs and toes up!

~Life as Mom


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