Milestones at 11 months

Tuesday, 22 September 2009, 22:32 | Category : Baby Essentials, Birthday, Family, Milestones, Parenting
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My baby is definetly a toddler now and his first birthday is next month!  There have been so many changes and they have all happened so fast!

1. Bed time has suddenly become earlier.  Aden must be wearing himself out during the day.

2. He doesn’t like anything taken away from him.  Take away the dangerous fork or that knife that could stab you and let the screaming commence.

3. He is interacting on a level of basic conversational level.  He is acknowledging what you are saying and trying to respond either by making noise or by touching you.

4. Last night I was reading Aden his ABC book and I asked him to point out two different animals for me.  First it was a tiger and then it was a fish and then it was a dog.  He got the tiger right, didn’t know the fish and got the dog right.  You could just see the gears in his head moving as he was trying to figure out what it was I was saying and what it was in front of him that sounded familiar.


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