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Tuesday, 22 September 2009, 22:22 | Category : Parenting
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So the wife and I were walking to the car after work this week and thinking about the new day care situation that our little guy will be going into starting in a few weeks. That’s when the idea of poopy tweets hit me. My first thought was it would be cool if your daycare would post tweets about your child in a way only the parent would see the string or perhaps send text messages of daily happenings. This quickly developed into the idea of having the hypethitical daycare that did this to post tweets about when your child either ate food or moved bowels. Keep in mind this fascination with bowel moments is preparing us for when we become octogenarians. 

So the laughable conclusion came about from this conversation as poopy tweet services. Finally I found myself thinking like today’s very youthful and idealistic college students.  They want gratification and information flow in terms of milliseconds not in the rate of send email, receive email timing. I had to catch myself and say there is a human element here. A human element that can error. Why would I want my daycare to take time from watching my kid to post a tweet about my kids activities. Why would I want the daycare to hire and extra person to just do tweets about all kids all day. I don’t want to pay more money for some twit to tweet about my kids poopy treats! Besides, daycare has this figured out. They write up daily report cards on activities performed during the day. Nice!

Perhaps this conundrum can be solved one day when we can just where a device that translates our thoughts into keystrokes and mouse clicks that is blue tooth linked into our twitter app on the iPhone. I just think about tweeting and blam it happens! Should I patent that idea…probably to late. With this device I could be doing laundry or walking to work and think about a quick tweet, “O how big that gator looks in the water today”; “now should I put that red shirt in with the whites?”

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