The Sleeper has Awakened!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009, 20:43 | Category : Parenting
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For those of you that are Sci-Fi classic Dune fans the title is for you. But for us parents the title takes on a new meaning. Aden has been a constant achiever for the past several weeks. He started walking in the last week of his 10th month and since then he has been polishing his gait.  We are preparing for his first birthday and the invitations to all his little girlfriends have been sent out. We want the house to be perfect and for the party to be as happy as possible. As for Mom and Dad these past serveral weeks have been a flurryof activity.  As of last week I am changing jobs. I will still be with the same university but now in a new area. I have achieved the next step in my career. Now I wonder what the next, next step is going to be :) but first to master the new one. This new job is meaning a great deal of changes in routine for my family. I know it is going to work out because I have a wonderfully awesome wife. To keep adding to change our little boy is now going to start daycare versus his personal care he has received thus far. We will have to learn new terms like tolerably acceptable behavioral patterns. I hope our little guy will adjust quickly and flourish in his new learning environment. Let’s get ready to sniffle!

~Life as Dad

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