Aden at 12 Months

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Aden is 12 months now. One year in which his parents managed to keep him alive and survive.  This is as momentous for us as it is for him.  I never thought I would have a kid and for me to come so far already…I am actually starting to feel like a mom.  It isn’t something that is so alien anymore to me.  Kevin would like another and although it sounds nice, I stopped taking the antidepressants a couple of months ago and the reality is I just don’t want to.  The emotional upheaval I’ve undergone in the past two years has  really knocked me for a loop.  I feel as if I am somewhat back to normal now and am just not too willing to go through all that again.

Aden seemed to really enjoy his first birthday.  He had a few friends (all girls) come over and really seemed to enjoy the company.  He didn’t get upset about anything.  He ate his cake and enjoyed the icing best.  I’m just glad it washed out of his clothes.  He had an alligator theme party with alligator balloons that were his absolute favorite toy.  He learned the word balloon though it sounds more like “ba-oo.”

Aden is now jabbering away especially since we took the pacifier away.  He has stopped crawling for the most part-preferring to walk everywhere.  He spends his free time playing hard and walking and exploring.  He really enjoys the outdoors.  He frequently grabs my hand and says “go” and walks me to the back door.  When we get outside (which isn’t too often right now because the bugs are so bad), he grabs my hand and walks me around the yard collecting treasures to hold or show me.  As we walk along, he will collect another treasure and decide if the new one is worth letting the old one go or if I should hold the old one.  So far he has collected rocks, sticks and acorns.  He is quite the little naturalist.

Developmentally he is doing well and hitting all his milestones.  The one thing we are concerned with is his little temper tantrums, for lack of a better word.  When he is told no or is upset he starts banging his head on the tile floor or against the wall.  When he is really upset he’ll start pulling his hair out.  After consulting the doctor and being assured that these are temper tantrums and that shows that he is really smart.  I didn’t ask why this proves he is really smart, because I don’t feel that smart, but I’m assuming it is because he has already learned to manipulate us. 

Getting him to go to sleep has been harder.  I can’t just put him in his crib and let him cry himself to sleep.  It just doesn’t happen.  He can go all night.  Mommy and Daddy like to sleep too.  I’m not sure which of us contributed to his stubbornness but it was probably both of us.  I dread when he gets older and we have a battle of the wills!

His favorite toys vary from day to day, but he really likes his balls. He got a couple of them for his birthday.  He plays with everything he has but his favorite activity is exploring.  His favorite foods right now are still the pureed vegetables and his snacks such as his cookies, yogurt melts.  In the big people food he loves chicken and waffles.  He is still the cutest kid around and now we find very smart.  I just hope we as parents can keep up and keep him challenged.

He went to the doctor for his one-year check-up and shots.  All went well and we got him the flu shot (regular) too.  he got to go get an ice cream cone after the doctor visit which he loved and wore all over!  Mommy even got to wear some!

He’ll be starting daycare soon.  I think he’ll really love it and love all the interaction.  It feels like sending him off to school.  I feel more nervous about it and hope I’m able to take him his first day. 

Birthday pictures coming soon.

~Life as Mom


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