Anniversary in Highlands, NC

Friday, 9 October 2009, 15:30 | Category : Family, Marriage, Mountains, Travel
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Cooler crisp weather.  Beautiful earthy colors.  Sinking into a  devine feather bed.  Soaking in a giant jetted tub.  Smoking a fragrant cigar.  Devouring Dove ice cream bars. Inhaling white tea soap.  Listening to gentle jazz.

These are the things I look forward to next weekend when we go to Old Edwards Inn and Spa in Highlands, North Carolina for our annual Fall trip to the mountains.  Unfortunately it will only be for a very short weekend but it was the only time this Fall that we could get away to enjoy the leaves change.

We are leaving the child at home this year.  We could take him and we are going to miss him terribly but the short weekend and long drive there and back would make for a very cranky Mom, not to mention kid.

Our aspirations for the weekend are to visit Dry Falls where Kevin asked me to marry him and to sleep as late as possible in the feather bed.  Then get up and go take a nap in the huge soaking jetted tub.  Then get back in the lovely feather bed for another nap.   Maybe go out and view the Fall leaves.  I know the color won’t be at peak just yet but as long as the weather is cooler than Florida I’m a happy wife.  Did I mention the heat index is at 105 degrees today?

The challenging part of the weekend will be in how many times we call Aden to see how he is doing.  This will be our first long weekend without him.   If it wasn’t Old Edwards, it might not be worth leaving him behind.  But Son, when you read this, this place was worth it to Mom and Dad to leave you with Noni. 

We love this place.  Luxury in an old english style way that makes us feel absolutely wonderful!  I can’t rave about this place enough.  Definitely worth the visit.  From the champaigne arrival to the stocked butler’s pantry, this place is the epitomy of service and style.

And yes, I do smoke cigars.  Rather, a cigar.  I get to smoke one about once a year and not every year.  Obviously for special occasions with a wonderful wine and NOT in front of the kid.  He’ll be traumatized enough from seeing us run around the house naked that I wouldn’t want him to remember us smoking cigars as well.  Although, Kevin likes to smoke a pipe.   That really smells a lot better than my old smelly cigar!

I can’t wait.

~Life as Mom


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