Food and the Holidays

Wednesday, 7 October 2009, 10:27 | Category : entertainment, Holidays
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I dread the holidays.  Rather, I should say I dread all the caloric food.  I love it too.  Can you love and hate something at the same time?  Fall is the one time of year I feel like cooking.  The actual time of the year that I have recipes that are specifically mine, that I am known for.  Mainly, pumpkin bread but I have a few others.  My pumpkin bread is lovely and I have these wonderful leaf-shaped pans that I can make little pumpkin breads out of.  Very fallish.  Very Susy Homemaker.

I’m really looking forward to introducing Aden to the Holidays…and the wonderful traditions that go along with it.  I know he won’t understand a lot this year but the holidays will be so much more fun to share with him.  I hope to find some healthier recipes as holiday fare isn’t the healthiest. 

Time.  That is the other issue this year.  How will I find the time to cook all those wonderful recipes.  Evenings are  now filled with Aden activities and there is NO GETTING HIM TO BED EARLY.   He just doesn’t do it.  Getting him to bed on time feels like an accomplishment.  So I think I’m going to have some late nights cooking this season.

~Life as Mom


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