Nature Attack!

Friday, 13 November 2009, 14:31 | Category : Health, Holidays, Home, Money Matters
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Take cover!  Life has been crazy lately at our house.  Nature has been attacking us and I think it is out for blood.

Last month we were having problems with squirrels eating their way throught both our vehicles.  YES – Squirrels!  The nests of horded acorns in the engines were proof positive the wires that were eaten clean through were indeed- squirrels.

After getting my SUV fixed, then getting my husband’s truck fixed – TWICE – we went on the warpath!  We spend a ton of money at LOWES buying every kind of rodent deterent on the market.  The bait poisen was the squirrel’s favorite.  The squirrels added that to their nests in our engines.  Apparently it’s a treat to them and they were going to save for the winter.

Conclusion?!  The tree in the middle of our driveway had to come down.  This is not a picturesque circle drive with a tree in the middle.  This is a tree right in front of the carport in which we have to carefully circumvent even to park our car under the carport.  I’m not sure why the previous owners did their driveway that was as our neighbor said they couldn’t even figure out how to park their own cars. 

The tree is most inconvenient at best and at worst?  SPIDERS!  Millions of them descend from the tree all the time and made webs from the tree to the carport, to the house, to the cars.  I HATE SPIDERS!  Oh yea, and not to mention wire-eating squirrels that use our carport and engines as toilets. 

We called a tree guy.  He could do it right away.  Kevin asked him some questions about the million other trees in our yard.  Guest what?!  We have the great-grandmother of all poisen-ivy tree-vines in our yard. As well as other little poisen ivy babies growing up everywhere!  And, not to mention, a couple of dead trees.

Kevin is extremely allergic to poisen ivy.  It’s gotten so bad that he gets it every time he mows now.  It’s not something your immune system gets accustomed to apparently.  Now we know why he was getting it everytime he walked outside!

We got the poisen ivy removed, the tree in the driveway is gone and HOPEFULLY the squirrels will leave our cars alone.  Oh I forgot, we have flying squirrels too,  according to the tree guys.  They all flew out of the tree that was chopped down and moved to the other side of the yard.

These were major expenses that were unexpected and not welcome.  Between fixing the cars and removing the offending tree and great-grandmother poisen ivy we will have to cut back on Christmas.  Such is life right?

Yesterday morning, Kevin sat straight up in bed.  I asked “What’s wrong?’  He said “I think we have a mouse in here!”

Next Week:  Part II: Nature Attacks: The House with the Mouse.

~Life as Mom