Part II: Nature Attacks, The House with the Mouse

Monday, 16 November 2009, 15:23 | Category : Family, Home
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Last week, Kevin sits straight up in bed before dawn.  Kevin is not the best riser, so I ask what is wrong.  He quietly says, “I think we have a mouse in here.” 

“In our bedroom?”  I ask.  Surely not.  Kitchen maybe, but not the bedroom.  Kevin stealthily gets up, gets some towels and puts them under the door exiting out the bedroom to block the only exit the mouse could have.  Sure enough, I see the mouse running toward the door trying to get out.  Kevin had it trapped and had the pellet gun out (from shooting at squirrels) and starting shooting.  I actually saw him hit the mouse.  It just squeaked, jumped and ran under the bed. 

The bedroom quickly became a war-zone.  The furniture was moved, the bed was up againest the wall.  Hell hath no fury like a man after a mouse.  I escaped to the bathroom.  As exciting as it was, I still had to get ready for work even if we did have a mouse in our house.

I took pictures of the war-zone.  I had to share.

Bedroom after mouse hunt

Bedroom after mouse hunt

This weekend, Kevin found where the mice were getting in.  The dryer tube to the outside was not connected all the way and the dryer vent was stuck open, so the mice had a perfect hole to the inside of our house.  The hole led directly to the space under our masterbath tub.  From there the mice had chewed a hole in the baseboard behind the dryer into our pantry.  After investigation, Kevin found a dead mouse in tub space.  It was not the one he shot, this one was much dryer and therefore older.  YUCK!

The morning that Kevin shot up in bed, he said, “I don’t think I want to live in the country anymore.”  Shocker!  He grew up on 200 hundred acres.  You’d think a mouse wouldn’t be a big deal.

After work that night, my mother-in-law (who was staying with us last week) said that Kevin told her the mouse was in our bed.  HE DIDN’T TELL ME THAT PART! UGH!!!

Bedroom after mouse hunt.

Bedroom after mouse hunt.

Part III:  Nature Attack:  How to fix the house with the mouse.


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  1. 1Elle

    Ewwww! We had a mouse in our bedroom this past spring and it was awful! I guess it found my secret chocolate stash I was hiding from the kids. LOL! He’s gone to mouse heaven now. Our mouse hunt went pretty much the same as yours without the pellet gun. Found you on MBC.

  2. 2Verconica Lee

    Hi! I’m visiting from MBC. Great blog.


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