Working Mom and the Holidays

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I’ve dealt with strategies I have as a working mom on this site before, but how to get through the holidays as a working mom?  This year will truly be the test.  Last year I was on maternal leave through most of the holidays so managing the cooking and cleaning and shopping was a lot easier. Life is a lot easier with a three month old than a thirteen month old I’m realizing too. At three months they don’t move around too much. (Sigh)  At thirteen months all hell breaks loose if you aren’t looking at them constantly, as if they can feel the EYE of mom has gone dark and all life is UNBEARABLE!

I’ve been following Simple Mom’s 12 weeks to Christmas blog posts on preparing for the big one, the holiday of all holidays, the magic day, the one day kids will be good for! She has some great suggestions and I’ve even tried to follow them as the weeks go by.  I can’t believe we only have Seven Weeks to go.  The only progress I’ve made is that Aden’s gifts are all done!  Yea!  Now for the hard people…the grandparents.  Problem is time is just flying too fast for me.  Foget getting anything done during the week after work.  By the time I get Aden to bed, I’m usually passed out beside him, without so much as a shower.

We are hosting an after-Thanksgiving-turkey-dinner at our house on Saturday as well!  Somehow at this moment, I am calm.  I wasn’t calm last night at 10:00pm when I was doing week old dishes but that’s the good thing about work.  No dishes and an escape from the housework which is how dishes can pile up for a week.  (I didn’t pass out last night with Aden as the Mother-in-law is coming this weekend to visit and all I could envision was her showing up at our doorstep at 9:00am on Saturday and the sink full of week-old dishes.  Would make anyone stay up late.)

So one of Simple Mom’s exercises for this week’s holiday preparation is to write 3-5 words describing the ideal christmas.  Hmmm, in all fairness our christmas usually goes pretty well.  So ideally, clean house, lots of goodies, contented, relaxed and inviting.  It’s the Thanksgiving dinner and the gift shopping that always gets me.  Well….cleaning the house is usually a problem too.

~Life as Mom


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