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Wow! We are still alive and Christmas is two days away!  I believe we are going to make it! And I haven’t baked a single thing!

Aden is getting the hang of presents.  We’ve been practising.  We did his picture with Santa sometime in the past couple of weeks.  I honestly couldn’t tell you when as the past month has been a blur.  I’m so glad I have next week off.  I hope I can get some rest!

Aden with Santa
Aden with Santa

Aden did so well in the line and got excited to see Santa.  He walked right up to him and touched him!  I didn’t think he would have a problem sitting on his lap but sure enough he cried as soon as I put him there.  Santa was good.  He took out Aden’s pacifier and the photographer timed the shot just right when he was crying so that it looked like a smile!Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate Christmas.  Happy Holidays to all those who don’t! 

~Life as Mom


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