Thanksgiving Over and Now Christmas!

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 We survived Thanksgiving very nicely!  I took the week off of work and enjoyed every minute of it at home.  I sent the little master to daycare.  I didn’t get many projects done, but I did prepare for Thanksgiving by cleaning a little bit every day, baking some and taking a nap.  A VERY rare pleasure!  It’s amazing how smoothly and stress-free the holiday was.  Taking the time off really helped.  When Mommy is happy and relaxed, EVERYONE is happy and relaxed!

We enjoyed Thanksgiving day with my side of the family and had second Thanksgiving with Kevin’s family.  We were mice free too!  Thanks be to the spirits above and to Kevin the manliest man I know.

Luckily, Kevin had caught the mouse in the house the week before Thanksgiving.  He fixed the mouse entrance as well.  He plugged up the hole in the  baseboard where they were getting in behind the dryer.  I have to say it is super-duper nice having a guy that just knows how to fix things. 

We had all the traditional foods for Thanksgiving.  For once I would just love to do something different.  Why do we have to eat the same thing every year?  I would just love to do prime rib or something totally elegant for the meal. 

The bad part of the end of the week and the most of this week has been that Aden was sick.  He got his first bad ear infection and he has been miserable all week.  He just started recovering yesterday.   Poor baby.  The Mother-in-law stayed with him this week.  I wish I could have been home with him.

This weekend: Trimming the Tree

~Life as Mom

Pumpkins in front of window

Pumpkins in front of window


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