Trimming the Tree

Christmas trees and toddlers!  Such a wonderful combination! 

We’ve worked so hard to babyproof the house that Aden has free range to wander.  And now?  He can’t touch the tree and it’s right in his play area! 

The main thought was to have everything put up while Aden was at Grandma’s or something like that, but we had to put it up while he was with us.  That in itself was so cute!  He wanted to help put ornaments on the tree.  Mostly he’s good at taking them off the tree.  I’m so worried he will pull the tree over in his overzealous attempts at removing the “child-safe” ornaments.  He REALLY enjoyed all the boxes!   OH BOY, WERE THOSE FUN!

Our tree looks half done because we only decorated about half-way down, just out of his reach.  You can tell he really enjoys the tree though.  Everytime he sees it he goes “oooahh.”  He gets so excited!

Last night we put up Aden’s special tree in his room.  This is his personal tree that I will let him decorate anyway he wants each year.  Last year and this year was my choice, of course!  Last year I did a baby boy blue them….it was so adorable!  This year I did a toys in Toyland theme with a Nutcracker as the topper!  So cute!  I’ll be dreading the day when he wants an Incredible Hulk theme. Ugh!

~Life as Mom


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