Relaxing Holiday

Wednesday, 6 January 2010, 17:08 | Category : entertainment, Family, Holidays, Parenting
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We had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderfully relaxing week afterwards.  The only thing we did was go to Cedar Key to watch the sunset and get pictures of the sunset with my new camera lens.  Well, the sunset shots were not the greatest in the world, but this shot has got to be my favorite!

Father and son at Cedar Key, Florida

Father and son at Cedar Key, Florida






















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  1. 1Lucy

    That is a pretty shot, cute. Glad you had a nice holiday we had a fantastic one. Following you from MBC

  2. 2Genny

    What a great photo!

    Following from MBC!

  3. 3admin

    Thanks for the comment and for following!

  4. 4Genny

    Stopping back by to say thanks for introducing yourself over at my blog!