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Thursday, 11 February 2010, 17:30 | Category : Birthday, Family, Hobbies, Parenting
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I decided to go to the mall last night after I picked up Aden from daycare.  This was supposed to be a fun trip to buy myself something fun to wear for my birthday coming up this weekend.  Kind of a therapy shopping session.

It was definitely a race to beat the clock.  Not only did I have to get there quickly, feed my son while there, shop for Valentine’s Day cards and check out the children’s clothing specials, but I was supposed to find myself something gorgeous to wear.

I planned way too much to do in an hour and a half.  Note to self:  When going to mall only plan one thing per trip.

On a side note:  I am always UTTERLY frustrated by the lack of choices in boys clothing.  How is it that boys can only have one rack of clothes and girls can have a whole department?  I’ve talked about this before, but it is still forever frustrating.

Maybe the whole mall trip didn’t go the way I planned because I’m just increasingly frustrated about being four years away from the big four zero.  Ugh!  How could I have gotten this old?  How can I be this old and have a child so young?  I have been seriously evaluating my life now that the big one is within sight.  Have I got a lot of work to do! Ugh.

Speaking of shopping for boys, finally someone is getting the fact that women are photographers!!! I absolutely love this line of photography bags!

This is what I want for my birthday! A very special girly camera bag!

@kellymooreclark is giving away a bag! Go enter to win!

~Life as Mom

(DISCLOSURE: This is not a paid advertisement.  This is a contest entry for a Kelly Moore Bag.)


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