What if you could read what your parents were thinking?

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I was talking to the wife today on the ride home. I was telling her that I realized I have lived longer without my father in my life then I had him growing up. I lost my father to a heart attack when I was 14, he was 44. So now it has been 18 years without him. While that tidbit of my life is heart-wrenching I just live and go on with life with a different perspective. Now that  I have my son in my life I keep getting waves of thoughts centering around my own father and mother. Besides the obvious feeling that I wish my dad could know his grandson, I also think about how did my parents handle the whole kid front.

My other thought with this was how awesome would it be to read tidbits of my parents’ take on things as I grew up. I am hoping that at some point Aden will take the time to read our progress as parents and get a few laughs and hopefully some endearing memories of life with parents. I had the oppurtunity in the last couple of years to peak in the life of my grandfather (Papa); my mother’s dad. My Papa past away before I was born but thanks to the fantastic memory that my grandmother has I have truly felt a connection to a man I never knew.

One story that she shared with me was the relationship that my grandmother had with her sister-in-law. Let’s say the two did not see eye-to-eye at all times. There was one moment when my Papa had gone to boot camp for WWII, this left my Grandmother to live with her sister-in-law.

With a disagreement about house duties and their regularity of completion, granmother’s sister-in-law ended up leaving their shared dwelling and walking the 10-plus miles home to her parents.

I give you all this history because I had to clean out my great-aunt’s house (grandmother’s sister-in-law) when she passed recently. My great-aunt had kept all the letters that my great great grandmother recieved from her children over the years. In this collection was a letter from my Papa while at boot camp telling his mother not to worry about his wife and his sister’s personality conflict. It was a fantastic read and a reinforcement of the story my grandmother had told me about her life.

In all this storytelling I drive home the point of connections.  Connections to family and connections to your childhood. What were my parents thinking as I developed into a person? What could I read about my father’s life to rekindle my memories of my childhood?  What could I realize about my mother? These points are just another reason why we blog about our parenting experiences. It is theraputic for my wife and I, it gives our friends that have not heard from us in a while a reason for understanding our reprieve while going into parenthood and hopefully one day our son can understand us and get a guide into his own parenting experience.

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  1. 1jing lejano

    Thank you for sharing this. That’s also part of the reason why I blog, I guess, to record this journey. And I love it when my kids read my posts because it is somehow another way for me to communicate with them.

    From FFFat MBC :)

  2. 2admin

    In the back of my mind I have always thought Aden would read our blog, but Kevin really clarified that for me in this article how important it is to us. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. 3Jill

    Hey there..stopping by from MBC FFF. I’m your newest follower! Nice to meet you, gonna stay a bit and look around! Hope you’re having a great day!

  4. 4diane

    Just stopped by to check out the blog! Following from MBC FFF. Come follow back if you have a chance!