Favorite Children’s Photographers

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Aden at Dudley Farm

Aden at Dudley Farm

I have been dusting off the rusty photography skills in contemplation of moonlighting as a photographer next year.  As I have been doing so I have been combing the Internet for photographers that I admire and look to for inspiration. 

I used to work as an event photographer back in the day before digital photography.  Man oh man, have things changed!  Way, way, way back in the day I used to edit pictures by hand with colored pencils!

It occurred to me that perhaps I should share this list as well as my passion!  This particular list is of children’s photographers.

They are all amazing and all have a unique style which is why I study them as I am working towards a style of my own. 

Zena Holloway www.zenaholloway.com
Pure Magic!  I can’t tell you how amazing this photographer is.  You just have to see for yourself!

Footprints Photography www.footprintsphotography.com
I aspire to be this great!

Audrey Woulard in Chicago, modern children’s portraiture www.alwphotography.com
Absolutely Beautiful!

Do you know of any wonderful photographers that you would like to share? I hope to share more as I find them.

Enjoy the eye candy! 

~Life as Mom


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